A Good Idea is a great start but it is not yet a strong viable Business....

We can guide you through the planning and early stage business process to quickly create and nurture your business to sustainability.

Our targeted NZ Business Plan template process, worksheets, checklists and advice give you assistance just where you need it.

You have a great idea and a dream to be a successful business owner.

Do you know enough about management and the industry to go directly towards your goals or do you need to up-skill and ‘step-into it’ …learning as you go?

We can help with both


DOWNLOAD any of the 4 Modules and


working in your own time.

The programme includes information steps to explain the latest methods for Start-up business.

  • Evaluate options to identify the most profitable products and niche.
  • Create a Minimum Viable Product and test it before you Design your business.
  • Use the tools and templates to quickly research and access valuable information.
  • Design your business model to maximise the profit potential Review all new technologies to ensure your business structure is optimised for the future

Each module includes an hour of individual time with START-UP LAB’s DIRECTOR  to review your progress and outcomes.



Book a FREE 60 minute session

to evaluate your IDEA

and work out where to start

In the session we will assess:

  • Your Elevator pitch
  • Business alignment with the your own purpose and values
  • Your business goals and experience,
  • Going it alone or having business partners,
  • Choosing & Evaluating your target market
  • Market share and how many customers to reach your goals
  • What to ask potential customers
  • How to create products/services for different income streams

At the end of the session you will have:

  1. A validated idea for a PITCHDECK .
  2. Next steps Action Plan





Start Up Lab Module 1: Business Vision. Press to buy and download this module now

Business Vision

You probably already have a good idea of what your business is about. We all want to create a life where we make money from doing what we love. This is where you fine-tune that idea to suit you and your target market. We also look at your personality and the decision to take on business partners or go-it-alone and explore various options for structuring collaboration.
Start Up Lab Module 3: Business Plan. Press to buy and download this module now

Market Validation

At this point we need to make sure that people want the Product/Service that you proposing, and in sufficient numbers and at a price to make it viable. We look at the industry, the competitors, the alternatives and the environment in which you are planning operate. We also look for more than one income stream, including how to make money while you sleep!
Start Up Lab Module 3: Business Plan. Press to buy and download this module now

Business Plan

There are dozens of international templates available for this, but our process will give you robust tools to pull your story together into a useful New Zealand Business Plan Template for a service and information business. Our modules have been peer reviewed by New Zealand Bankers, Accountants and Legal professionals to ensure you get the best possible advice.
Start Up Lab Module 4: Launch. Press to buy and download this module now

Business Launch

Pre-launch there is a lot to do, and this module gives you lots of tools and resources to streamline the process. Website creation, branded products, content writing, securing premises and lease information, hiring and staff management, policies and procedures, and statutory/regulatory advice are all here.

Preparation: Are you ready? Do  have your life sorted to do this? Do the Preparation Checklist here and see how to structure your life whilst you get the new business into profit.

MENTORING: We can work alongside you to guide you through the process sharing our own and others learnings.

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