Module 3: Business Plan

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Module 3 Business Plan: How are you going to create a business to meet the customer needs AND deliver a profit…

Categories: Targets, Branding, Pricing for Market, Operational systems and procedures, Costing and pricing, Budgeting and Cashflow planning, HR Planning, Health and Safety, Intellectual Property protection, Benchmarking, Business Resource planning, Leveraging Stakeholder relationships, Information and financial systems, Promotion and lead generation techniques, Sales strategies, Client management, Marketing Action plans


This module is a downloadable online product of self study that includes 4 steps and and 1 hour of skype or in-person support (Auckland)

Included is a template Business plan (word document), profit and loss forecasts, cashflow forecasts, spreadsheets in excel, templates and sample documents. All of your outputs will be recorded into the worksheets and spreadsheet for future reference

It covers the following:

  • How do the overall financial goals and vision for the business translate into sales by income stream ?
  • When does the business break even and what is the maximum debt level?
  • What are the brand values and identity of the business and how do they link with the target market?
  • How are you pricing the different products and services? How are you allocating overhead?
  • Where is your profit coming from? Have you benchmarked it?
  • What is your marketing strategy? Is it broken down into objectives and action plans? Do you have credible awareness/discovery marketing processes?
  • How are you structuring your organization? What support services are you using?
  • Complete the financial template forecasts for profit and cashflow for year 1. Take advantage of your free introductory Meeting with the SUL affiliate Accountant.
  • Complete the Legal checklist and take advantage of the free introductory meeting with the SUL affiliate lawyer to review it and determine which legal documents you might need and at what stage.


  • The output of module 3 is a business plan outlining the work that you have done to date to explore and validate the opportunity and to design and communicate the proposed business model.
  • The business plan brings together the internal works on the owners strengths and weaknesses, the externally oriented study of the environment and the opportunity, and the design of the business to meet those needs with the  marketing proposals and financial projections of sales and costs.
  • The business pan will be suitable for an external investor, bank funder or any other affiliates to assess and will explain all aspects of the proposed business to illustrate that both you as owners/directors and the business model is credible and viable.


  • This self study work can be done in the evenings and weekends to suit your schedule but is far better if you can get blocks of time to spend upon it. The Module includes 1 hour minimum of review time with Start-Up Lab to overview your outputs. It takes approx 100-200 hours to complete this module depending upon your skill sets.


  • Module 2: Downloadable products: $499 pus GST – includes 1 hour of support time.

Optional Add-on: Accountability and support

  • Option 1: Email, Get weekly reminders and updates and helpful tips to keep you moving forward and track your progress for $50/month (minimum 2 months) Plus GST
  • Option 2: Skype or in person meetings: Fortnightly meetings of 1.5 hours to review progress and resolve issues $500 per month includes online support to read and review documents and provide advice. excl GST. Note the in-person option is based upon meeting in central Auckland.


Step 3.1: Brand Identity

Step 3.2:Marketing Strategy

Step 3.3:Organisation Structure

Step 3.4: Budget and Financial planning

Bonus Information #1 Business Plan (In MS Word)

Bonus Information #2 Spreadsheets for financials years 1-3 (in MS Excel)

Bonus Information #3 Marketing strategy and Action Plan ( in MS Word and Excel)

Bonus information #4 How to calculate charge-out rates for professional services

Module 3 Worksheets



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