Our 4 Modules assist you in quickly converting your Idea into a Business.

We have created a programme of targeted information and worksheets based upon our own and other’s experiences to facilitate you learning the new ‘best practice’ thinking in the business startup.  We can then help you research, distil and assess the information and use it to make decisions and design solutions in the right order to minimise dead-ends and rework. We also provides a risk assessment framework to avoid knowledge and systems gaps. You will be learning from the mistakes of others and  have the benefit of their hindsight.

The Modules include:

Module 1: Business Vision
Module 2: Market Validation
Module 3: Business Plan
Module 4: Business Implementation & Launch

The Modules suit all types of start-up businesses and there are specific add-on resources available for some industries. Refer to our Industry Specific Information page for the resources.

Module 1 is all about YOU: (and you other directors) Do you have the strengths, skills and style to lead this business? Have you designed the roles to enable you to work to your strengths? With this information we can predict what issues you might face and can design them out before they occur. What does success look like for you? Are all owners’ expectations clear and are all goals aligned? Have you structured the business to protect it (and you) in the event of ability/compatibility issues at director level?

Module 2 is about the external environment in which you will operate. Who else is working in this industry sector? How are your potential customers segmented? We will step you through the process of target marketing, finding your niche market, understanding their specific needs and designing services to match. This module also includes a niche evaluation tool to let you rank niches and opportunities against each other and then come up with the list of the best opportunites to start  with and the other downstream opportunities for growth or agility if the external environment changes. This uses our STEP UP MODEL for Business Growth.

Module 3 is where you design the business model to suit the selected opportunity and customer feedback. This includes your financial model, the structure of your business, your brand identity and your marketing plan. We will assist you in understanding systems, contracts and structures to ensure that you create a lean organisation making full use of new technologies and delivery strategies. We also include the STEP UP MODEL, a single page financial model with numbers and a diagram (accounting for non accountants) to enable you to see and feel HOW this business will make money and what the financial model looks like at each step in its journey from launch through break-even. At each step you will have an increase in resources (people or equipment) and your profitability. offer and volumes may as you step towards your ultimate goals.

Module 4 is the implementation module. At this stage you will be spending money (wisely) and implementing actions in the lead-up to opening. The module includes checklists, sample documents and customisable templates for systems and protocols and online resources to assist you. It also includes offer from our affiliated technical specialists  (Legal, Tax and Website) if you need them and checklists and advice from them so that when you go and see them, you are briefed and educated and you can spend the time focusing on your particular situation.

The Modules include information documents for reading, and one Worksheet per module to allow you to evaluate and select the best option for your business, using the tools provided. We have also included some face-to-face time in each module to ensure that you have understand and evaluated the choices and to amplify or to help identify any unaddressed risk areas. This gives you an experienced supporter on your team as you work through this exciting but often daunting process.

KNOWLEDGE                                      DESIGN/APPLICATION                                   IMPLEMENTATION

We don’t want you to compromise on the quality of the advice due to price. This programme is designed to give you cost effective knowledge and support where you need it.

We would love to help you navigate this path and grow your successful business.