Accelerate Lab is the ‘big sister’ of Start -Up Lab. It is a downloadable DIY programme to facilitate Business development for SME’s with support if you need it and a ‘fresh pair of eyes’.

We created it as a diagnostic and planning tool to assist you if you are a small trading business, to check your platform and ensure that you have covered all aspects of business establishment and operations, so that you can achieve the profitability results you want.

What’s in it for business owners?

  • clarity
  • increased profitability
  • credibility with external funders
  • risk management
  • Systems and templates for efficiency and scale

It is 4 modules (similar to Start Up Lab’s structure) and is based upon a project management framework to ensure that the activities are undertaken in the right order so that when something changes the downstream activities are also reassessed.

The goal is that once you have done this work you will never need to do it all again, you have a reference document and a footprint of the information gathered and the decisions made, and how those link together which you can give it to an investor or stakeholder to validate your business proposition.

Alternatively for more targeted needs you can just work on a mentoring basis with Christine and she will use any of the templates and techniques that are applicable to your business.

PS if you would like to do the programme but are worried about the time commitment, then we can assist you. We will take any of the information you already have, and will need to ask you some questions, but we are happy to pull it all together for you so that you can spend your time implementing the results.